ADMT-60D Mobile Phone APP Dam Piping Detector Dam Piping Detector



Features:1.Automatically forming the graphs: Measuring by mobile phone and automatically forming the graphs after done.
2.Free of cabling: Measuring by walk and stop , and can use wireless sensor probes to solve cabling problems.
3.Online Instant Experts communication: You can directly communicate with our online experts for advise by mobile phone APP, uploading photos in the scene, instant data, effect graphs and etc to communicate online.
4.Free of USB disk: Data is directly stored in the mobile phone, or uploading to the cloud for permanently store or download to the computer.
5.Independent Choice of Display size: The display size and capability of mobile phone or tablet PC for operating is update to your own. What size of your mobile phones or tablet PC is, what experience of display you can get.
6.More reasonable Data Processing: Strengthen the function of “Field Source Modify” (Patent number 201310205318.9). This project also obtained over 20 patents for invention.

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ADMT-60D Dam Piping Detector is the worlds first Internet of Things instrument, which is developed together with Guilin Technology Hydrogeological Investigation Institute. Based on over 40 years R&D design and exploration, the mobile phone water detector realize the technology that you can use the mobile phone or tablet PC to do complex data calculation, then the graphs will automatic form, store in the cloud, and you can communicate with experts advisors on line about your graphs. Besides, if use our probes to measure, then you can wirelessly detect. It uses the mobile phones Bluetooth to connect. And in the MN input, you can use traditional MN cable lines or wireless sensor to measure. If with wireless sensor, you dont have to cabling and can just measure by walk and stop, free of USB disk, detection button. Automatcally mapping by mobile phone, communicating with experts advisors online, uploading the data into cloud and store permanently.  

ADMT-60D Dam Piping detector obtained many patents for invention (Patent number 201320054153.5、201120214308.8、201120567915.2、201320303919.9), especially for invention patent of Field Source Modify of Geophysical methods for Earths Electromagnetic Field Source Modify and Measuring Devices, solved the problems of inconsistent source of natural electric field intensity and disadvantages of changes at any time.



ADMT-60D Dam piping Detector could reflects the resistivity variation underground by measuring natural electromagnetism ,which could determines the relevant information such as location, depth, and size of leakage. These information could provide detail data for the plugging project ,in addition, it also plays huge role in dam construction and prospecting project, which has gained a lot of praise from our customers.

ADMT-60D Dam Piping Detector is based on MT exploration which belongs to electric exploration method , it has totally solved the drawback that natural electric field source has different intension at different time ,so this device is very portable and has a high intelligent data process ability.ADMT-60 has gained a lot of praise from customer in the decades application.


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