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ADMT 200AX Single-Channel Professional Geophysical Survey Equipment

Wired connection to electromagnetic probes or Bluetooth connection to the Golden Band electromagnetic probe; 7" Android touch screen for real-time imaging.

Single channel ADMT series three-dimensional imaging cavity detector

49 years of research and development history, accurate and reliable data, fast imaging on mobile phones or tablets; high-performance wireless sensors, direct detection of concrete surfaces; simple and convenient APP operation, 3-6 times faster than tradit

MT electromagnetic geophysical tool

2D/3D automatic drawing, completely wireless, automatic adaptation of parameters.

Three-dimensional Matrix High-density Electromagnetic Exploration System

Products advantages: 1.Fully wireless. No complicated cables. 2.One button minimalist design. Only one power button, no other button. 3.Connecting mobile phone by bluetooth. Connecting mobile phone for detection/mapping/logging well. 4.Detec

32-Channel High Density Groundwater Detector

The 32-channel real-time imaging water finder is a real-time imaging intelligent water finder jointly developed with the Guilin Institute of Technology Hydrogeological Survey. 32 channels of simultaneous input measurements are used to obtain a stable fiel

128-channel Cascade High-density MT Electromagnetic Instrument

Utilize multiple sets of 32-channel concatenated wireless assembly to from 64, 96, 128, 256, 512 cascaded high -density MT electrical instruments.

16-Channel High Density Groundwater Detector

16-channel real-time automatic 3D/2D image,10.1" Android touch screen

ACZ-8 Proton Magnetometer (Broadband Low Disturbance)

Five advantages 1.Range reach 20,000 nT ~ 100,000 nT. Apply worldwidely. 2.Competitive with imported instruments in accuracy and stability 3. Including base station mode, running point step measurement, GPS coordinate recording 4.Computer gene

ADMT 300S-X Single Channel Groundwater Detector (New version out of former ADMT 200S and 300S in square-box shape)

7-inch touch screen. Real-time imaging, intelligent and precise, adjustable depth. There are three measurement modes: MN electrode measurement, TT measurement with box probe as well as rod probe

AMC-7 three-component fluxgate magnetometer

Simultaneously measure the magnetic field and total field in the three directions of X, Y and Z. It has the characteristics of high resolution, high precision, stable performance, and small temperature drift, which is suitable for ground and mine measurem

AMC-6 Single Component Fluxgate Magnetometer

The AMC-6 high-precision magnetic flux magnetometer probe cooperates with Shanghai Maritime Institute to use a more advanced high-permeability through a special heat treatment method and a high-precision manual winding method. The high-performance sensor

Budget 150m Groundwater Detector with Great Value for Money

Low-cost with great value, 5" touch screen real time imaging, intelligent and accurate, depth adjustable Three measurement ways: MN electrodes measurement and box (or rod) shapped probe measurements

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