Dam reservoir water leakage detection solution


In September 2020,Aidu company is commissioned by Funing Water Supply and Drainage Co., Ltd to recheck the location of the dam leakage and prospect the location of other suspected leakage place.

The rising water level in Fachang Reservoir in Funing County, Yunnan Province, has further aggravated the water leakage downstream of the dam

Through the professional dam piping detector to detect the suspected leakage location of Fachang Reservoir, to make a comprehensive analysis of the dam geological cracks, construction and other engineering hidden dangers, to find out the dam leakage, water seepage or potential risk of leakage in the future, to provide data support for repair projects such as grouting. 

The ADMT series dam piping detection mechanism of dam leakage.

ADMT series dam piping detector is to use the natural electromagnetic field as a source of workplace, study the earth electrical structure of the internal, according to the different frequency of electromagnetic wave in conductive medium principle, with different skin depth in the earth's surface measurement from high frequency to low frequency of the earth's electromagnetic response sequence, the research of the underground geological body of different depth electrical variations to identify the situation underground.

The instrument is to reflect the change of underground resistivity by measuring the strength of natural electric field. Through the analysis and judgment of the change of underground resistivity, it can find out the leakage point of dam, ant nest and bedrock foundation, etc.

The working theory of ADMT series dam piping detector and dam leakage detector.

When leakage geological problems of reservoir occur, the resistivity of rock and soil in the leakage area will significantly decrease. The dam piping detector detects the resistivity of rock strata at different depths underground through different frequencies electromagnetic waves, and obtains the resistivity distribution map of rock and soil in the dam section, and further deduce the structure and state of the dam.

And the electrical parameters of the abnormal area in the resistivity distribution map are analyzed to carry out geological interpretation and determine the specific parameters such as the location and distribution characteristics of leakage in the rock and soil.

The exploration work uses ADMT-100GT3 dam leakage detection equipment, which is composed of exploration golden rod host and data receiving tablet computer. The measurement data is received through electromagnetic sensor, and the data collection results are automatically stored in the tablet computer.

In order to successfully complete the dam leakage detection work, our company organized relevant professional and technical personnel to carry out on-site investigation and data collection work on September 15, 2020.

A total of 8 survey lines were designed for this survey, and the distance between No. 1-4 survey lines was 1 meter. The distance of No.5 survey line is 1.5m; The distance of No.6 survey line is 2m; The distance between No.7-8 survey line points is 1.5m. A total of 98 measuring points were measured by No. 1 survey line. No. 2 survey line measures 7 survey points in total; 43 measurement points were measured by No.3 survey line. A total of 29 measuring points were measured by No.4 survey line. No. 5 survey line measures a total of 27 survey points, No. 6 survey line measures a total of 16 survey points; A total of 31 measuring points were measured by No.7 survey line. Survey line 8 measures 10 survey points in total.






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