In order to improve the accuracy of exploration, this team has persisted for 48 years, really "only focus, so professional!"


Underground resource exploration mainly includes groundwater exploration, geothermal hot spring exploration and mineral resources, etc. The accuracy of exploration is the most concerned by all users.

How can we ensure the accuracy of exploration?

There may be many reasons for this, but two of them should be very important:

The first is the exploration instrument with high accuracy and reliable performance;

The second is a dedicated service team.


The speech of the chief engineer Lu Huanwen, who is nearly 80 years old, began with the memory of the D75 short-wire electrical method he developed in 1973. At that time, more than 300 units were produced, and some of the instruments are still in use. It has been more than 40 years and has undertaken a number of Chinese National project of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Academy of Sciences, and served as the chief designer of the former Shanghai Geological Instrument Factory. As the first batch of predecessors and founders of the domestic research and development of electrical exploration instruments, I see that there are so many young Aidu people here today. I am very pleased to engage in and promote the career of electrical exploration. While sharing my years of experience in electrical instrument research and development passionately, it also inspires and inspires the new generation of Aidu people to move forward and write a more brilliant new chapter.


48 years of research and development history (Click to view)

The company’s anniversary is celebrated on April 16 each year. This year is the 48th anniversary celebration (1973-2021). At the beginning of the meeting, the host Xiang Xiaoxia led everyone to watch the company’s elaborate anniversary video. The previous bits and pieces were displayed on the screen, as if just yesterday, many old Ai people saw the photos of participating in company activities and customer reception scenes almost 10 years ago, choked up several times and shed moving tears.


Annual meeting memory video

Company activities, customer service, exhibition forums, usage scenarios and effects


The four sales directors of the company's direct sales: Zeng Yuan, the sales director of the death squad, Jia Xianxin, the sales director of the Xiaotian team, Tang Ting, the sales director of the Feiyue team, and Qing Ailian, the sales director of the miracle team, delivered speeches successively, showing the excellent results achieved over the years, analysis The existing problems have been solved, feasible solutions have been proposed, and plans and prospects have been made for the future.



Then, Zheng Weifeng, deputy general manager of the R&D department, gave a speech, expounding and analyzing the company's research and development products and work content in recent years, and continuously iteratively upgraded, and there are important core upgrades this year, always insisting on "developing the most accurate and intelligent exploration instrument" The main goal is to develop and design products for sale. Many products are in the forefront of the industry. There are also products that are being tested in research and development. They will be launched on the market soon, and they all have advanced technology and excellent product quality.

Liang Yutang, deputy general manager of the production department, and Feng Nengbin, production supervisor, respectively delivered speeches. They analyzed that the sales volume has increased greatly in recent years, and the output has doubled. Some models have grown from dozens of original units to thousands of units now. The company's total production volume exceeds 10,000. Taiwan, it is expected that the output will increase by 3-5 times in the next 1-2 years, and it will continue to expand in personnel and venues. At the same time, it is also facing the pressure of rising raw material prices. Due to the impact of the epidemic and international relations, the production materials generally have 30-50 % Of the price increase, a considerable part of the chip has several times, more than ten times the increase, the increase in production costs is very obvious.

Finally, the general manager of the company, Chen Long, made a concluding speech in the eight words of "memory, cooperation, innovation and climbing", once again introducing the origin of the registration of Aidu in 2008, which originated from the familiar Baidu, aidu There is one less B letter than baidu. Our geophysical prospecting industry is a special industry and professional market, and it is impossible to be as good as the search engine Baidu. With more than ten years of development, we have gone from a one-stop sales agent to specialized R&D and production, from a single water and mineral resource exploration application, to engineering geophysical prospecting, dam piping detection, landfill leakage detection, and earthquake advance Forecast and online monitoring, exploration and testing, on the basis of professional R&D and production, move towards diversified, batch R&D and production, and comprehensively expand the market and services. Another meaning is that Aidu’s English homonym I do (I’m willing, I can), so we Aidu people are very willing to do, and can do well, everything that can make users.

Introducing these R&D results in detail. The company has more than 70 invention patents and intellectual property rights. The product stability and reliability have been unanimously recognized and praised by customers. The company will invest another 20 million yuan in product research and development in the next 3-5 years. In order to make Aidu's products more professional and intelligent, it will truly achieve Aidu's exploration, casting a model, and develop more accurate and efficient instruments and equipment, and continue to be the industry leader.

It also introduced the sales and marketing strategy in detail, established four direct sales teams, and thanked more than 100 partners!

In terms of customer service, we continue to uphold the core concept of customer first. Aidu’s future development theme must be customer service, so that our customers will have professional customer service training guidance and 24/7 after-sales support as soon as they receive the instrument. Achieving customers is Aidu's greatest achievement!

This annual meeting is scheduled to be held in Guilin,Guilin Institute of Technology and Hydrogeology Partners also arrange rich tours and outreach activities,Gather in Guilin, where the landscape is the best in the world, browse Yangshuo, where the scenery is the best in Guilin, and watch the wonderful performance of Guilin's eternal love.


Guilin Eternal Love Performance

Wonderful and shocking

Apart from relaxing the body and mind, in order to better condense the team spirit, we also carried out interesting development activities

What can you do with a 6-second video under the fairy-tale beauty

At the beginning of the outreach activity, the coach divided everyone into three groups and asked everyone to name and slogan for their groups. Everyone started discussions in their respective groups in full swing. You gave my advice and the three groups were very quick. He has formulated his team name and formation, fully demonstrating the rapid adaptability and coping ability of Aidu people.

Although everyone was divided into three teams to compete with each other and compete for the championship, our principle is "friendship first, competition second". During the event, everyone cooperated and had a good time fighting wits and courage.

The small partners who did not have the opportunity to communicate in ordinary work also quickly integrated into this hot atmosphere, deepened mutual understanding and better established the relationship between colleagues. Everyone helped and encouraged each other, sang the passion of youth to the fullest, and was as close as a family. The joy and excitement were beyond words.



The last project is the power circle. Everyone holds a rope to form a circle, each holding a part of the rope in his hand, and one partner is allowed to walk on the circle formed by the rope at a time.

With the help of the team, the soft and weak rope has turned into a tough and strong path. Everyone who pulls the rope at the bottom has contributed their own strength to withstand the pressure, so that the walking partners can pass safely. , And the walking friends also believe in everyone's support and passed this test briskly.

A single wire cannot form a line, and a single tree cannot form a forest. A team needs each employee to develop their own characteristics in order to develop and grow together. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. At this moment, everyone's hearts are united again, regardless of you and me, toward the same goal, each sticking to their posts, playing their roles, and finally completing the task perfectly and achieving the goal.

Aidu’s 48th Anniversary Expansion Journey is over, happy life, happy work, return to work, Aidu people will be more full of mental state and enthusiasm into the work, serving the public, for the development and growth of Aidu Contribute!

The growth process of the company is the same as that of people. If you don't accumulate steps, you can't reach a thousand miles. If you don't accumulate small currents, you can't make a river. A new journey has begun. In the fierce market competition environment, we are still facing many challenges. Let us stand in the same boat and make great progress. I hope Aidu people will continue to work hard, forge ahead, and create new brilliance.

Aidu Exploration 48 years

We are in the same boat and grateful

Everything in the past is a prologue

Hang the sails straight to ride the wind and waves

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